Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancer of the face and the resulting loss of normal tissue can be emotionally devastating. The difficulty increases when recreating the fine subtleties of the eyelids, nose and lips, as more tissue is lost from the cancer.  Of course, finding skin cancer early and treating it effectively is paramount. Moh's surgery, performed by specially trained dermatologists, is the best way to ensure that the cancer is totally removed, while at the same time, ensuring that the most normal tissue is left in place.  

Dr. Garlich coordinates and collaborates his skin cancer patients' care with local, highly-skilled Moh's surgeons.  Following this, Dr. Garlich meticulously plans the skin cancer reconstruction to ensure that each patient's facial features are uninterrupted and aesthetically balanced. 

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"I had a basal cell skin cancer taken off under my right eye that left a big knot. I was VERY conscience of it and everyone was always asking what happened. Dr Garlich revised my old scar and made my face look smooth! Now, I have more self confidence and no one is asking about my scar... because you can't see it anymore! I only wish I had taken care of it sooner. Thank you Dr Garlich!!" L.T.

View our Before & After photos to see Dr. Garlich's work with Skin Cancer Reconstruction surgery.