Microlaser Peel

Woman getting a micro-laser peel at the Garlich office.

If you are looking to treat and eradicate areas of superficial discoloration on your face, including blemishes such as certain freckles, “sunspots” and “liver spots” – as well as very fine wrinkles – then perhaps our microlaser peel is the answer you are seeking.

A microlaser peel is a precise procedure that provides a rejuvenated appearance through superficial skin peeling.

After a short period of downtime, patients of Garlich Facial Plastics will see impressive results, as the microlaser peel mutes targeted discolorations while also improving the radiance and tone of the treated skin. All of this leads to a more alive and rejuvenated appearance.

We offer three levels of microlaser peel, and we will sit down with you to determine the best option for you – the one that will allow you to concentrate on showing off your natural beauty.

Contact us today at our Gainesville or Braselton offices in order to learn more or set up a consultation with our professional providers today.


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