Laser Vein Treatment

Woman with even skin tone and vein free legs after laser vein treatment.

While they are not a physical threat, spider veins can provide plenty of emotional discomfort for sufferers, who feel those unfortunate byproducts of aging dominate their facial features.

The good news is that Garlich Facial Plastics’ laser vein treatment can effectively and safely banish spider veins, which are simply small, damaged blood vessels. When occurring in the face, they are often the result of too much sun exposure over time.

Through a simple series of sessions, our customized facial laser vein treatment will rejuvenate your appearance – and your confidence. We remove their appearance by superheating the blood vessels, which causes them to safely shrink and eventually dissolve.

To learn more about laser vein treatment or to schedule a consultation at either our Gainesville or Braselton location, please contact us today.


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