Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Woman with even and glowing skin after skin cancer reconstruction.

Cancer, in all forms, is potentially devastating. And skin cancer, especially if it affects the face, can certainly take an emotional and physical toll on the patient. This is exacerbated when skin cancer surgery results in the loss of normal tissue or yields a scar.

Dr. Garlich understands the sensitivity associated with this condition and will work meticulously in order to help any cancer patient recover the most aesthetically pleasing shape and look for their face. This in turn allows the patient to regain confidence and pride in their appearance.

Early detection is key with any type of cancer, and that is especially true of skin cancer, so please be vigilant for any unusual changes in your skin. But if you face facial skin cancer surgery, Dr. Garlich will do all he can to help you recover and face as few complications as possible.

Read more about when skin cancer reconstruction is necessary.

If you would like to talk with Dr. Garlich about skin cancer surgery, please contact our north Georgia offices today. We are available in Gainesville and Braselton.


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