Young woman excited about her eyebrows after visiting a facial plastic surgeon.

The aging process triggers a number of developments, including the gradual or severe descent of the eyebrows over the eyes. “Brow descent” or “Ptosis” may yield in the patient an appearance of scowling, or even a fatigued or severe look. The Browlift, sometimes referred to as the forehead lift, is the antidote to this condition.

The Browlift is performed under light sedation. Some patients may experience a slight headache in the first 12-24 hours following surgery, easily treated by pain relievers. There may also be some swelling and bruising of the brow and upper eyelids for 48-72 hours following surgery. However, after 72 hours, the patient may resume most daily activities.

A browlift surgeon, such as Dr. Garlich, will perform the surgery by making three or four incisions in the hairline. However, for those with a high or receding hairline, the procedure may utilize a small skin excision to prevent further recession of the hairline.

If you are interested in a browlift surgeon or live in north Georgia and are looking for a browlift surgeon near me, please contact Garlich Facial Plastics today. Dr. Garlich’s experienced and caring staff is always happy to answer questions and help you take the next step in the process.

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