Closeup picture of a patient after receiving a rhinoplasty.

We’ll grant you that “rhinoplasty” is not the prettiest of words. However, properly performed, rhinoplasty can produce both beautiful and meaningful results. And in the capable hands of Dr. Paul Garlich, you may rest assured in a procedure that not only produces a nose in harmony with the rest of your facial features, but one that also ensures full and proper respiratory function.

Whether it is through a primary or revision rhinoplasty, Dr. Garlich’s main goal as a rhinoplasty surgeon is to serve the foremost function of the nose: breathing. Therefore, Dr. Garlich aims to preserve or even enhance your breathing in concert with cosmetic enhancement. He is able to do this thanks to his experience and extensive knowledge of the nose and its airway passages. That is why he embarks on a detailed examination of the nose in every patient consultation, in order to ensure the perfect balance of form and function.

If you are interested in rhinoplasty, be sure to peruse our photo gallery, and please contact us today. Dr. Garlich will be happy to meet with you in his Gainesville or Braselton offices and provide a detailed consultation to evaluate your needs and how they balance with your nasal and facial structure.

Primary Rhinoplasty

Primary rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure that typically requires 1-2 hours and is generally performed under sedation anesthesia.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

As one of the most technically nuanced facial procedures, rhinoplasty may require revisions if the initial procedure is not performed by a skilled plastic surgeon.

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