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Almost everyone has heard of a facelift. But did you know that most people do not use the term correctly? Once an all-encompassing term for any surgery that addressed aspects of the upper, middle and lower face, the facelift now addresses only the lower face and neck. In fact, Dr. Garlich, an experienced facelift surgeon, prefers to use the term cheek-neck lift so that patients understand the specifics of the facelift.

As we age, soft tissue from our cheeks descends, creating a visible break of the jaw line. The amount of fat present below the chin also increases. The combination of these factors, along with increasingly flaccid skin, means that we lose the crisp contour of our neckline.

Dr. Garlich’s meticulous approach to the cheek-neck lift works to redefine the contour of the jawline and neckline without over-tightening the skin, thus resulting in a more natural appearance with lesser visibility of incisions and scarring under close observation.

We also get you back to a normal life as quickly as possible following the cheek-neck lift. Dr. Garlich ensures this via a vitamin preparation that helps your body recover quicker, as well as minimizing the post-procedure bruising and swelling. He also provides patients with a special cooling mask for use in the first three to seven days following surgery, which helps minimize recovery time.

So, if you live in the north Georgia area and are actively seeking a facelift surgeon near me, remember that Dr. Paul Garlich understands this procedure so well that he has even given it a new name.

Contact us today to learn more or to begin your journey toward a cheek-neck lift.

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