Fat Transfer

Before and after of a fat transfer patient.

Aging is hard on your face, but recent surgical advances now allow some patients to address their concerns with a procedure that is safe, effective and can be performed in less than an hour with minimal discomfort.

This latest technique, termed “facial fat transfer,” allows Dr Garlich to take some of your own fat from another section of your body and literally transfer it in order to build up soft tissue in an area that has experienced descent in a specific area of the face.

For instance, facial fat transfer can help you erase unwanted depressions, folds or wrinkles. It is long lasting, fully corrective and it allows you to avoid an unnecessary facial lifting surgery that might not fully solve your concern.

For instance, fat transfer may allow Dr. Garlich to build up a weakened cheek projection, fill in and eliminate folds under the corners of the mouth or in between the nose and corners of the mouth. This same procedure can also increase the size of the lower lip.

As previously stated, the procedure takes minimal time and yields minimal discomfort in the day or two following completion. And you may resume normal activities within a couple of days – though bruising and swelling may last for up to a week in the donor and transfer sites.

If you are interested in facial fat transfer, please contact us today. Garlich Facial Plastics is here to help you get started.

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