Wrinkle Reduction

Man receiving a wrinkle reduction treatment.

The appearance of wrinkles is inevitable. They are a fact of life, as time, genetics, our north Georgia sunshine or even habits like smoking take their toll. And while topical creams, diet and oral medications can each play a part to slow the appearance of wrinkles, also called rhytids, they cannot hold back the tide of aging forever.

There is a way to fight back, however. And while chemical and laser peels cannot stop the aging process, they can do much to reverse the appearance of it. Known as wrinkle reduction techniques, these procedures can restore a more youthful looking skin, as they remove a portion of the aged dermis. This process allows the body to heal and regenerate a more youthful looking skin, thus producing wrinkle reduction.

Dr. Garlich is proud to offer these options. And he can also do much to reduce or repair unwanted facial scars, known as scar revision.

Also, understand that lighter chemical peels performed at day spas do not have the ability to help you shed a sufficient number of the dead skin cells that accumulate at the surface – thus they cannot affect the change necessary for true wrinkle reduction. Therefore, Dr. Garlich performs these procedures in a more thorough manner – all under a light sedation in order to avoid discomfort.

And while it does require a few hours for full recovery, the results produce a vibrant, younger skin that will shine for all to see.

If you are interested in wrinkle reduction at one of our two locations – Gainesville or Braselton – please contact us today and take stand in the fight against aging.

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