Woman showing off her newly reshaped ears after otoplasty.

If you have protruding ears, you probably first noticed them as a child. And, for many of us, it is a bothersome trait that can continue to aggravate long into adulthood – often exacerbated by facial structure and/or hairstyle. However, there is a relatively simple procedure that can remedy the condition.

Known as an “otoplasty,” this procedure allows Dr. Garlich to reshape the cartilage of your ears in order to reduce the protrusion and give them a less obvious appearance. It is a relatively simple procedure that patients may receive under sedation, in order to avoid discomfort. So, if this sounds intriguing or you have been actively searching for otoplasty surgery near me, understand that Dr. Garlich’s offices in Gainesville and Braselton are ready to help you.

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