Less well known as a name brand than Botox, Xeomin nevertheless can prove just as effective at removing and preventing the deep expression lines and features such as “crow’s feet,” that can dominate your upper facial features.

Made from a similar botulinum toxin Type A, Xeomin performs the same job as Botox, safely paralyzing the muscles that are responsible for accelerating the appearance of aging.

Xeomin must be injected by a trained and experienced physician in order to provide safe and optimal results, and Dr. Garlich is happy to talk with you and provide this service.

Typically delivered between the eyebrows, to the forehead and/or next to the eyes, you will notice a rapid change, as deeper furrows and lines begin to smooth. However, injections such as Xeomin and Botox are not the best choice to reduce fine lines or wrinkles not produced by facial expressions.

To determine whether Xeomin is the right choice for you, please contact our offices in either Gainesville or Braselton and set up a consultation with Dr. Garlich today.