Mohs Procedure

An innovative and precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer, Dr. Garlich is proud to be able to offer the Mohs procedure to those patients in need.

The Mohs surgery technique allows Dr. Garlich to progressively remove thin layers of cancer-containing skin. This process is repeated until only cancer-free tissue remains.

This procedure allows Dr. Garlich, who also works in concert with area dermatology experts, to remove as much of the skin cancer as possible, while doing minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Completed on an outpatient basis the Mohs procedure requires only a local anesthetic, this surgery actually increases the chance of curing the patient while also reducing the need for additional treatments.

If you would like to talk with Dr. Garlich about the Mohs procedure, please contact our north Georgia offices today. We are available in Gainesville and Braselton.


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