Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to improve the function and/or appearance of a person’s nose.  Rhinoplasty is commonly called a “nose job” or a “nose reshaping”.  No matter what you call it, there are some things to consider if you are thinking about having rhinoplasty surgery.

Who is a Candidate
Many people are self conscience or unhappy with the appearance of their nose due to deformities, reshape changes from aging or other causes such as accidents.  Those that want to improve the appearance of their nose are good candidates for rhinoplasty.  It is important that candidates discuss the procedure with a plastic surgeon, understand the risks involved and make certain they understand how the rhinoplasty is performed.

Rhinoplasty Risks and Complications
Like with any surgical procedure, there are always going to be a level of risks and complications with rhinoplasty you have to consider.  Some of these may include numbness, swelling, and slow healing just to name a few.  Talk to your plastic surgeon about what you can expect during recovery.

Recovery and Downtime
Often time people think the recovery time after rhinoplasty is performed involves weeks.  In reality, you can expect to return to work or other every day duties 3-5 days after the procedure is performed.  Those having rhinoplasty will have a splint for approximately 5 days, and a full recovery should occur in about 2 weeks.

Rhinoplasty Post Operative Care
There are a few things you should avoid after you have had rhinoplasty.  These include blowing your nose for two weeks, avoiding strenuous exercise for two weeks, and avoiding excessive sun exposure to the nose just to name a few.  Discuss post operative care with your plastic surgeon for more information.

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