There are various plastic surgery procedures a person can do to improve their appearance.  No matter which one you decide to do, plastic surgery can help improve the self esteem of someone who may have been self conscience of their appearance for many years.  Below are 3 of the most popular plastic surgery procedures you may not be aware of.

Rhinoplasty or “nasal surgery” is a cosmetic plastic surgery that may be the most sought-after procedure from those looking to have plastic surgery.  Rhinoplasty is often referred to as a “nose job” and can drastically improve a person’s appearance.

Eyelid Surgery
Your eyes are the one feature on your face that conveys emotion and expression.  Unfortunately for many, the eyes often show the first signs of aging. As well, familial characteristics can give the appearance of aging even at a young age. These changes are often confused with an overly serious expression or lack of sleep.  Eyelid surgery is chosen by many who want a fresh and younger looking face.  Eyelid surgery is relatively painless and requires a very short period for healing.

Many people associate a facelift with a surgical procedure that deals with the entire face from neck up.  However the term “facelift” refers to the surgical procedure that addresses only the lower face and neck.  As we age, soft tissue from our cheek descends and creates a visible break of the jaw line. Additionally, increased fat below the chin and the flaccidity of normal tissue creates a loss of the contour of the neck line.

Dr. Paul Garlich is a plastic surgeon in Gainesville, Georgia.  He has performed countless surgical procedures for people looking to improve their appearance and self esteem.  From facelifts and eyelid surgeries to rhinoplasty and ear surgery, Dr. Garlich has worked with people throughout the state of Georgia and welcomes you to his practice.

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