As many of us are bemoaning the miserably cold weather outside, there is a warm upside to the recent freeze. All of this time being spent inside is a great opportunity to address some of the wrinkles and brown spots that were earned in the heat of the sun. I tell all my patients that after most laser procedures, the skin is healing and requires that you minimize sun exposure. This frosty weather means that now is the time to look into getting rid of the facial wrinkles from hours of tennis or the brown and red spots from lying by the pool.

The Sciton laser system I use in my office is profoundly effective at eliminating wrinkles, evening out blotchy skin pigmentation, and making prominent, red blood vessels disappear. Usually, it takes a series of three to five treatments performed at three to four week intervals to achieve your desired results. Some patients may be satisfied with the results from two or three sessions, while others may desire additional sessions.

The benefits of laser treatments are many. Laser treatments require short treatment time, have quick results, and there is a limited amount of downtime. In addition to decreasing the brown and red spots on your skin, this treatment gives skin a healthy and youthful look.

We are all trapped inside right now, so put this time to good use. Set up an appointment and we can discuss your concerns and map out a plan to get you ready for the spring.