Suwanee, in Gwinnett County and just north of Atlanta, is a community that continues to grow at a rapid pace. With a population nearing 20,000, Suwanee recently was voted among the best places to live. Why are Suwanee and other areas of Gwinnett County attracting so much attention? There are many reasons, but a big draw is Suwanee’s outdoor parks and recreation areas.

Suwanee’s Town Center Park for example includes 10 acres of pristine land that serves as a gathering place of special occasions and events. Another park, called Suwanee Creek, boasts 85 acres of park that connects to the Suwanee Creek Greenway–a four-mile multi-purpose trail and wildlife habitat. Yet another park, Sims Lake, opened recently and includes a small lake surrounded by a trail. These parks and other outdoor amenities in Suwanee offer excellent opportunities for both relaxation and recreation, and the area’s residents take full advantage–by sunbathing, cycling, jogging and nature watching. Overexposure, however, to the sun and outdoors can damage skin. Because of Suwanee residents’ love for the outdoors, they look to Garlich Facial Plastics for their skincare needs–including wrinkle reduction and skin cancer reconstruction.

Wrinkle reduction
Scar revision: Most all of us have some sort of scar. Some scars may be more noticeable than others, while some others may be even be disfiguring. A scar revision procedure can correct unpleasant scars, making them practically unnoticeable.

Laser and chemical peels: As we age, wrinkles, or rhytids, form. These wrinkles are caused by changes that occur in the deeper layers of the skin. A chemical or laser peel can help the skin regain a youthful appearance by removing a portion of the aged dermis and allowing the body to heal the skin, regenerating a youthful layer.

Skin cancer reconstruction
The cases of skin cancer continue to increase. Treating skin cancer of the face can result in a disfiguring appearance, but skin cancer reconstruction surgery can do wonders in helping to restore a patient’s facial features. Garlich Facial Plastics works with specially trained dermatologists called Moh’s surgeons when performing skin cancer reconstruction procedures to ensure the patient’s facial features are uninterrupted and aesthetically balanced.

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