Looking Great When You Can’t Slow Down…Paul Garlich, M.D.  

The economic events of the last twelve months have been a drag on the financial lives of many of us.  It has translated to widespread downsizing of companies and the loss of many jobs.  As a result, many of us are being reintroduced to the world of job searches and interviews.  And for those of you who continue with your old business, your job descriptions are widening and expanding unexpectedly, requiring you to perform and look your best while enduring more stress.

Whether you are pitching yourself to a prospective new employer or prospective new client, looking and feeling your best is paramount to successful one-on-one business interactions.  Eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising are profoundly important in countering the effects of work-related stress.  By maintaining a clear mind and sound body, clients, colleagues, employees and employers will be impressed by your ability to shoulder any new or additional responsibilities.

But sometimes, aging can overshadow the hard-charging, finely tuned machine that lies beneath.   Simple, new cosmetic technologies, either surgical or non-surgical, can give that extra little edge which can make you look and feel better without putting your career on pause.  These subtle changes can translate a stern look into a comforting smile or tired eyes into vibrant energized eyes.  At Garlich Facial Plastics and Aspire Facial Rejuvenation Center, I can sit down with you and formulate a plan that will prepare you for that next important business encounter.