Lawrenceville is a thriving suburb of Atlanta and part of one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Georgia, Gwinnett County. Garlich Facial Plastics has many patients who call Gwinnett County home.

Where Gwinnett was once simply a place to live, today it is a thriving residential community as well as a bustling business hub. Many, instead of commuting all the way south to Atlanta, decide to live in Lawrenceville for many reasons.

The city is conveniently located near several well-traveled highways, providing for easy access to Atlanta and other large cities. The county’s only airport also is located in Lawrenceville. The fact that Lawrenceville promotes a balance of business and community is one of the many reasons Garlich Facial Plastics enjoys serving the area with all our facial aesthetic and skincare needs. Some of the cosmetic services we provide include the following:

Botox: Botoxhas become incredibly popular over the last decade–and for good reason. Neither requires an invasive procedure and both can be performed safely and relatively quickly in the comfort of your doctor’s office. And, the end results are apparent–especially overtime–as most patients notice a dramatic improvement to the injected sites. The three most common areas for Botox injections are between the eyebrows, the forehead and near the eyes where “crow’s feet” develop. Injections are not only intended to improve appearance but also prevent the formation of deep expression lines that make you look older. These injections do not help with wrinkles or fine lines that are not a result of facial expressions. Botox is injected in the same way and work by temporarily paralyzing muscles, which reduces lines and furrows.

Injectable fillers: Though fillers are injected similarly to Botox, they are used on different areas of the face–in the cheeks and lower face to get rid of wrinkles and folds. Injectable fillers replace volume that has been lost in the lower face due to aging. Areas of the face that can be improved and refreshed by injectable fillers include between the nose and the corners of the mouth where folds form and on thinning lips.

If you would like to learn more about Garlich Facial Plastics and how we serve the area of Lawrenceville, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you soon.