Flowery Branch, a quaint community that continues to grow, is among Garlich Facial Plastics’ hometown neighbors–located just south of our office at 2406 Lighthouse Manor Drive.

Flowery Branch has developed over the years, boasting several antique and specialty shops in the older downtown portion of the city. Other areas of the city include retail and more high-traffic areas attractive to those who may want to enjoy an evening out to dinner or on the town. Needless to say, Flowery Branch’s increasing population counts itself diverse, and consult with patients both young and older who call the city home.

Med spa services

Brown spots, redness and broken capillaries are all facial conditions that can be treated at Garlich’s medical spa. In addition to injectables like Botox, as well as fillers, Garlich Facial Plastics specializes in laser treatments, laser hair removal, IPL treatments, microdermabrasion, photofacials, Latiesse and chemical peels (read more about Garlich’s laser services below).

Laser services
Photofacial: A photofacial procedure involves a series of treatments that improves or eliminates age spots, brown spots, rosacea and other types of hyperpigmentation by stimulating the deeper layer of the skin, which produces collagen and tightens the outer layer of skin. A photofacial sometimes is referred to as IPL, BBL or photorejuvenation.

Laser hair removal: You’ve likely heard of laser hair removal. It’s a common, non-invasive procedure that permanently reduces unwanted hair. Both men and women opt for this procedure, with men typically removing from their ears, nose, side burns and beard area, and women having hair removed from their upper lips, chins and eyebrows.

Laser vein treatment: Many people suffer from spider veins. Laser vein treatment includes a series of treatments to help with spider veins that appear on the face, often in the nasal area. A series of treatments are customized based on desired results, skin type and genetic makeup.

Microlaser peel: This type of customized peel evens out skin textures for smoother and more vibrant skin by gently removing the outermost level of skin. This treatment requires more downtime than say, for instance, a photofacial.

Contact our office today if you are searching for a plastic surgeon in Flowery Branch or let us answer the questions you may have as it relates to facial cosmetic surgery. We look forward to hearing from you soon.