Q: Where is eyelid surgery done and how long does the surgery last?
A:  We work with you to ensure the most comfortable environment for your surgery. You are given a personalized surgical plan which will include location of surgery, anesthesia, and after care instructions. The actual surgery, depending on the extent, is between 1-3 hours. Our team is here before, during, and after surgery to provide for your needs.

Q: Is it a painful surgery?
A:  The bruising and swelling that accompany eyelid surgery can give the appearance of pain, however, most patients describe their pain as limited to none. Every patient’s bruising and swelling is different, but most patients look renewed and refreshed after 10 days!

Q: Is there a benefit to scheduling eyelid surgery this summer?
A: In addition to having a refreshed look this fall – if you book your surgery for June or July, Garlich Facial Plastics is offering a complimentary eye package after surgery!
You’ll receive:
– one kit of Latisse (prescription treatment to grow luscious lashes)
– one site of Botox (sites: crows feet, snarl, forhead)
– choice of one of SkinCeuticals: Eye Cream OR Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup: Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Brow Gel or Pencil and Lash Conditioner.

View our Eyelid Surgery Before and After Photos.