Our approach to facial surgery at Garlich Facial Plastics is to not only improve the way a person looks, but to improve the way they feel.  We want to match a healthy, full lifestyle and inner beauty with a natural, refreshed face.  This often times performing surgery on multiple areas on the face at one time.

When you elect to have multiple surgeries done at once, such as a rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) and a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), the difference you see in your face are more drastic and often more pleasing to the patient.  The decision to do multiple surgeries at once also cuts down on the amount of recovery time often needed when you do one procedure at a time.

The right proportion
The goal with any cosmetic surgery is to improve the visual appeal of the area undergoing the surgery.  Beyond a visual improvement, we want to help improve the way a person feels about themselves.  A person’s face is in our primary way of communicating with others.  We are able to express ourselves in so many ways without ever having to say a word.  We want to make your face, the primary tool you have when expressing yourself, to be the right proportion.  A nose that is too large can often take away from a beautiful smile.  Wrinkles around your eyes don’t always tell the whole story about how a person is feeling.  We want to provide a cosmetic solution that not only provides the right proportion, but provides a way for person to express themselves in a way that is pleasing to them.

Question to ask
If you are considering facial surgery on multiple areas such as your nose, ears and eyes, talk to us about the advantages and benefits of having some of the work combined into one surgery.  We want to help anyone that is considering cosmetic surgery feel comfortable about their decision and it starts with answering any and all questions that may have.

Contact Garlich Facial Plastic Surgery today and let us answer some of your questions.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.