Many people are interested in pursuing facial plastic surgery not only for the cosmetic benefits but for the physical and mental health benefits as well. For instance, It is well recognized that an appropriate and expert rhinoplasty (“nose job”) can not only improve one’s appearance it can also improve one’s ability to breathe. Further, when we are happy with our appearance our mental well-being also improves.

Of course, most people interested in pursuing facial plastic surgery are concerned about the cost. Some may even be dissuaded from pursuing surgery because of that factor. Cost is always a valid consideration, no matter the subject. It is important to understand that facial plastic surgery requires a financial commitment, as many of these surgeries are not covered by health insurance plans.

Since the intention of this blog is to educate, let’s look at some of the figures involved in facial plastic surgery.

Through multiple surveys across the nation we have determined the average surgical fees involved in several facial plastic surgeries. However, please note that these numbers do not include all of the expenses associated with surgical procedures (like anesthesia fees or operating room costs). The good news is that at your consultation you will be given a complete estimation on the entire cost of each procedure.

A 2018 survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons determined that the following procedures have the following average surgical costs.

Facial Plastic Surgeries:


  • Botox – $397
  • Cheek implants – $3,015
  • Chemical peel – $669
  • Chin augmentation – $2,364
  • Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) – $3,163
  • Facelift (lower face procedure) – $7,655
  • Forehead/brow lift – $3,623
  • Rhinoplasty: $5,350

Laser skin resurfacing:


  • Ablative – $2,071
  • Non-ablative – $1,144
  • Microdermabrasion – $131

You may be wondering if there is any way health insurance will cover the cost of facial plastic surgery. There are some instances when health insurance may cover some of the costs. For example, if a patient is experiencing breathing issues because of a nose problem, insurance may cover the cost of the operating room and anesthesia. However, if cosmetic changes are made to the nose you would still be likely to have to pay the surgeon’s fee out of pocket.

Similarly, insurance may pay for certain blepharoplasty cases. If the procedure is deemed necessary due to loss or impairment of vision (for example, excess skin is limiting your ability to see in all directions), then insurance may also cover the cost of the operating room and anesthesia.

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There are also financial institutions that offer financing for facial plastic procedures, and you can search for these institutions with ease online.

At Garlich Facial Plastics we understand every aspect of facial plastic surgery and make our patients our priority. That means that we will talk openly and honestly about the financial commitment required for facial plastic surgery and answer any questions you may have in our face-to-face consultations. Our professionals know how to put you at ease and help you find the treatment that will achieve the results you seek.

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