Most people think of the Mall of Georgia, the largest mall in the state, and shopping when they think of Buford. But the city offers much more than the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle of a small city. It’s home to thousands of families who enjoy going to the movies, using the city’s walking trails, cheering on the children who play Little League baseball on the city’s fields, and boating on Lake Lanier. The city really offers something for everyone.

While the majority of Buford is located in Gwinnett County, a portion is nestled in Hall County–home to Garlich Facial Plastics. Because of our close proximity to Buford, many residents choose us for their facial aesthetic and skincare needs.

Garlich provides a full range of facial plastic surgeries, as well as med spa and skincare services. Below is a bit of information about nasal procedures–among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S and performed by Garlich Facial Plastics.

Primary rhinoplasty: Feeling comfortable and confident with your nose as it relates to your other facial features and overall facial appearance is what’s important. Sometimes, however, if a nose is too large or too small, or perhaps too wide or crooked, it distracts from a person’s captivating features, such as their eyes or lips. That’s where a rhinoplasty procedure can come into play. A rhinoplasty can shape the nose so it’s aesthetically pleasing and aligned with a patient’s other facial features. A computer imaging system is used to help a patient visualize the changes and create a surgical plan.

Revision rhinoplasty: If a primary rhinoplasty is not performed correctly by a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon, revisions to the procedure may be necessary. Oftentimes, the nose is so damaged by the prior surgery or surgeries that both cosmetic and functional reconstruction is needed. As is used in primary rhinoplasty procedures, a computer imaging system helps a patient visualize the change and improvement that will result from a revised rhinoplasty.

Garlich Facial Plastics’ patients can rest easy knowing that we have much experience revising rhinoplasties that were originally performed by other surgeons. Contact us today if you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon in Buford or if you have questions about other facial surgery procedures we provide.