Choosing the right facial plastic surgeon is the most important decision you can make once you decide to have facial plastic surgery performed.  Taking the time to consider all of your options prior to any surgical procedure is a wise move.  Below are a number of things we recommend you consider when choosing a facial plastic surgeon.

Ask for References
The best way to understand the quality in a plastics surgeons work is to simply ask for references.  Asking for references gives you the incredible opportunity to speak to those that have witnessed the work of your potential facial plastic surgeon first hand.  Be sure to ask a lot of questions including “would you use your plastic surgeon again?”

Ask Questions
Don’t shy away from asking questions and don’t ever think you are asking too many questions.  This process may be new to you, so be certain you get all of your questions answered.  Dr. Paul Garlich will spend as much time with you as you need so that you feel comfortable with your decision.

Look at Before and After Photos
Looking at before and after images is a great way to see previous work.  From eyelid surgery to nasal surgery, view every image available and get a feel for the quality of work the plastic surgeon provides.

Know the Areas they Serve
Don’t make assumptions.  At Garlich Facial Plastics, we are located in Gainesville, Georgia, but we are not limited to just Gainesville.  We have many that travel from all over for our facial plastic surgery including Atlanta.  Don’t choose a plastic surgeon based on location.  Learn more about Dr. Paul Garlich if you are looking for facial surgery in Atlanta.

We fully understand that your face is your means of communication and we want you to feel confident when you express yourself.  Contact us today and learn more about our facial plastic surgery services or simply call us today at 678.343.2190 to speak to Dr. Garlich.