Not everyone experiences satisfactory results with rhinoplasty surgery.  There are many reasons for bad nose jobs, and many times it comes down to an inexperienced surgeon.  But there is a solution.  Revision rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure performed by highly skilled plastic surgeons.

Although revision rhinoplasty is a solution for a bad rhinoplasty, it is often recommended to wait 9-12 months after your last rhinoplasty to make certain all healing (including swelling) is complete.  Your next step would be to locate an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and gain a full understanding of what you can expect post revision surgery.  Many times patients are not happy with their nose job, not due to the surgeon, but because the unrealistic expectations of the patient.  This is often the result of poor consultation prior to the initial rhinoplasty.  An experienced surgeon will be able to show revision rhinoplasty before and after photos, answer your questions thoroughly and review all of the post operative care to ensure maximum benefit from your revision rhinoplasty.

Dr. Paul Garlich is a plastic surgeon in Gainesville, Georgia.  He has performed many revision rhinoplasty procedures and is ready to help with your rhinoplasty needs.  Dr. Garlich has worked with people throughout the state of Georgia and welcomes you to his practice.  If you would like to learn more about Dr. Paul Garlich, or more about his experience with revision rhinoplastycontact us today.