Deciding to have plastic surgery is a major decision.  Improving your appearance as a result of plastic surgery takes some careful consideration and a full understanding of what it involves.  Below are 8 questions we recommend asking your plastic surgeon when you are thinking about having work done.

1. Are you board certified? 
There are several certifying boards for plastic surgeons, as well as surgical societies that surgeons may be a member of.  Finding a plastic surgeon that is certified by multiple boards is an excellent indication that they are more than qualified to perform plastic surgery.

2. Do you have before and after photos? 
Sometimes seeing photos of the work a plastic surgeon performs can put your mind at ease.  Seeing photos also helps you gain a certain level of expectation of the type of results you can expect from your plastic surgery.

3.  Who is your support staff? 
More often than not, your plastic surgeon will have a surgical support team during the plastic surgery.  Knowing who will be assisting along with their qualifications is question you should be asking prior to your surgery.

4.  What are the risks involved? 
Any surgery, no matter how simple you may think it is, involves a certain level of risks.  Consult with your plastic surgeon and find out the risks involved with your surgical procedure.  Knowing this shouldn’t deter you from moving forward with the surgical procedure, but you always want to be aware of potential complications.

5.  What type of anesthesia will be used? 
There are a number of anesthesia options when it comes to plastic surgery.  Talk to your surgeon and find out which anesthesia will be performed.  Highly trained specialists typically administer and monitor the anesthesia effects on a patient.

6.  Can you provide me with a few references? 
Nothing can take the place of reassuring your decision to have plastic surgery than to talk to those that have had the same surgery you are seeking.  Your plastic surgeon should want to hear glowing reviews from past patients and will most likely be more than willing to give you those references.

7.  What are the costs?
One of the first questions people ask themselves when thinking about having plastic surgery is how much it will cost.  Depending on the type of surgery you are searching for, the cost will vary.  Learning more about the fees associated with plastic surgery will help you understand the total cost involved.  From anesthesia fees to lab fees, there are costs involved you should be aware of.

8.  Where will the procedure be performed? 
Some surgical procedures can be performed in an outpatient ambulatory center or as in-office procedures, while some need to be performed in a hospital.  Find out where your procedure will take place and ask for a tour.  It is important that you are comfortable with your surrounding prior to your plastic surgery.

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