The Photofacial is a procedure to improve or eliminate hyperpigmentation (brown spots, age spots, rosacea, etc.) through a series of treatments with a two to three week spacing in between. The procedure can also be called IPL, BBL or photorejuvenation. This procedure stimulates the deeper layer of skin which produces collagen and tightens the outer layer of skin. It does not harm or remove the upper layer of skin.

During your consultation time before treatment, we will take time to educate you so that you're more knowledgeable about the procedure and we'll know more about you so that the procedure is then customized and individualized for your desired results.

There is no downtime from a Photofacial, although it is recommended to avoid the sun's damaging rays. 

This patient presented with a common skin condition
 known as "Melasma" (muh-LAZ-muh) which causes brown patches on the skin. Melasma can be treated with IPL, which stands for Intense Pulse Light. The laser has different light filters that can be chosen to treat an array of skin conditions. 

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