Scar Revision

For most individuals the word "scar" has a negative connotation.   Often times, scars can be very disfiguring.  This does not have to be the case.  Any time the skin is lacerated or incised, a scar results.  However, how that incision is oriented and how it is treated while it is healing dictates whether the scar is unpleasant or whether it is virtually unnoticeable.

Dr. Garlich meticulously plans and cares for the patients' incisions so that they heal in the best, least noticeable manner. At the same time, Dr. Garlich is able to correct and reorient undesirable scars such that they no longer distract from the patient's pleasant features.   

Contact us today if you're ready to take the steps to make your unpleasant scar unnoticeable.

"I had a basal cell skin cancer taken off under my right eye that left a big knot.  I was VERY conscience of it and everyone was always asking what happened.  Dr Garlich revised my old scar and made my face look smooth!  Now, I have more self confidence and no one is asking about my scar...because you can't see it anymore!  I only wish I had taken care of it sooner.  Thank you Dr Garlich!!"