Laser and Chemical Peels

As you age, wrinkles, or rhytids, will develop on your face as a result of genetics, excessive sun exposure, or smoking. These wrinkles result from changes that take place in the deeper layers, dermis, of the skin that include loss of supportive components and reorganization of collagen. Although topical agents, oral medications, and a healthy diet can aid in slowing the aging process, you may require a wrinkle reduction treatment, such as a chemical or laser peel, to regain the youthful appearance of your skin.

Chemical or laser peels remove a portion of the aged dermis and allow the body to heal the skin, regenerating a youthful layer. Lighter chemical peels performed in day spas and by aestheticians only help to shed some of the dead skin cells that have accumulated at the surface of the skin and do not act deeply enough within the skin to affect changes to these wrinkles. Deeper chemical and laser peels require an operating room setting with adequate anesthesia to avoid discomfort by the patient. At Garlich Facial Plastics, we have everything you need to maximize your results and minimize your discomfort.

Immediately following a medium-depth or deep laser and chemical peel, you will feel a deep sunburn sensation for six to eight hours and then little to no discomfort. Your skin will need four to ten days to fully heal, with further time required for the post-peel inflammation to subside. During this period of inflammation, your skin will be a light pink in appearance, and Dr. Garlich recommends that you're vigilant in protecting your new, youthful skin with adequate sunscreen and direct exposure to the sun.

If you're interested wrinkle reduction and a more vibrant glow, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.