Revision Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty is the most technically nuanced cosmetic surgery of the face and may require revisions if it is not performed by a skilled plastic surgeon who has the requisite understandings and appreciations of these distinctions. Rhinoplasty revision is more difficult due to the surgical changes from a previous surgery because some noses are so severely damaged from prior surgeries that a patient requires reconstruction from both a cosmetic and a functional standpoint. Although Dr. Garlich takes pride in performing initial rhinoplasties with great success, he also has vast experience revising rhinoplasties performed by other surgeons and possesses the skills and understanding to reconstruct the nose that another surgeon has cosmetically and functionally impaired. With the use of a computer imaging system, Dr. Garlich will help the patient visualize the change that the revision will accomplish.

"Dr. Garlich changed my life. I was hit in the face with a baseball bat as a child therefore leaving me with a flat nose. I was so ashamed of my appearance all my life until Dr. Garlich totally changed my face with a rhinoplasty. Now I am confident and proud of the way I look. I would recommend Dr. Garlich to anyone who needs plastic surgery. Thank You, Dr. Garlich."  - D.F.

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