Nasal Surgery

The nose should be in aesthetic harmony with the rest of the facial features. As the nose is foremost a respiratory organ, Dr. Garlich's objective in every rhinoplasty surgery, whether as a primary or revision rhinoplasty, is to either preserve or enhance breathing besides simply cosmetic enhancement of the nose. He has comprehensive knowledge of both the inside and outside of the nose, and every consultation involves a detailed examination of the nasal airway passages and the external anatomy of the nose. Dr. Garlich will spend a great deal of time analyzing each of your features to determine what changes can create this harmony.

Nasal Surgery Procedures

To learn more about nasal surgery, peruse both rhinoplasty surgical procedures, look at our before and after photos, and read our testimonials. Then, sit down with Dr. Garlich and have a personal consultation to evaluate your needs and answer your questions. 

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