Mens Facial Surgery

Today, men of all ages and walks of life are requesting some type of facial surgery and embracing their strong features like nontraditional noses and sharper jawlines. More and more men are trying to correct facial imperfections or injuries from their childhood with scar revision or reconstructive procedures. Middle-aged men are looking to eliminate signs of aging such as frown lines or bags under the eyes and pushing for a more sculpted, youthful profile. With a growing trend in staying fit and eating healthy, it’s only natural that men want their facial features to reflect the hard work they have put in. Currently, men are coming to our office for:

Garlich Facial plastics is a trusted provider in men’s facial surgery. We understand that there is an entirely different process for men’s facial surgery because of the more angular and sharp features of the male facial structure. If you think facial surgery might be an option for you, contact Dr. Garlich today. He is highly experienced in this area and can form a plan that will fit your specific needs.

If you are looking for nonsurgical options, Garlich Facial Plastics offers a variety of treatments including: Injectable fillersBotoxlaser skin treatment, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion

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