Traditionally, the facelift was an all-encompassing surgical procedure that addressed aspects of the upper, middle, and lower face, but presently the term "facelift" refers to the surgical procedure that addresses only the lower face and neck.  Dr. Garlich prefers to use the term "cheek-neck lift" when discussing the procedure with his patient so as to be more specific.

As we age, soft tissue from our cheek descends and creates a visible break of the jaw line. Additionally, increased fat below the chin and the flaccidity of normal tissue creates a loss of the contour of the neck line. The cheek-neck lift works to redefine the contour of the jaw line and of the neck without over-tightening the skin, thus resulting in a more natural appearance with lesser visibility of incisions and scarring under close observation.

Here at Garlich Facial Plastics, Dr. Garlich is meticulous in his approach and techniques of the cheek-neck lift to give you a natural jaw and neck line to ensure a natural and pleasing appearance.

To lessen the downtime following the cheek-neck lift, Dr. Garlich advocates a surgical vitamin preparation to ensure you are nutritionally prepared for the procedure, as well as to minimize the post-surgery bruising and swelling. He also uses a special cooling mask for the first 3-7 days after surgery to minimize your recuperation period.

If you're considering getting a cheeck-neck lift, or any of our other facial surgery services, please contact us today, and we'll help you take the next step in the process.

"Thanks so much for the special care during my lower facial face lift. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend Dr. Garlich and his staff for anyone."
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