Ear Surgery

Protruding or prominent ears can be inconsequential for some and extremely bothersome for others, depending upon facial structure and choice of hairstyle. Ear protrusion may become an issue around the age of five or six when children begin to notice unique differences amongst themselves and their peers. For some children, the social pressure and stigma can be traumatic. Fortunately, protruding ears can be corrected with an otoplasty.

The otoplasty allows surgical reshaping of the cartilage to reduce the protrusion of the ear to a normal position. To avoid discomfort, the patient will be sedated during the procedure and can use pain relievers during the recovery period. For 2-3 following the surgery the patient will wear a bandage to protect and support the ears and will then progress to wearing an elastic band, or even a tennis sweatband, for the next four weeks at which point all activities can be resumed.

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