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Know what to expect once your cosmetic surgery is complete. The best way to be prepared for any cosmetic post-operative healing is to know what to expect.
The sun can create serious issues with your skin. Learn how to properly protect yourself from the suns harmful rays.
Want healther skin? Follow our 5 tips when it comes to achieving a healthier skin.
Get all the information you need when it comes to a Facelift.
If you are thinking about eyelid surgery, you should first review the information we provide on the procedure.
Learn why being Board Certified is important
We all age, yet having a face lift is an excellent way to turn the clock back on the aging process.
Minors should be banned from tanning salons to protect them from skin cancer.
Our before and after photo gallery will give you a sense of the type of work we perform at Garlich Facial Plastics
Frequently Asked Question: "I have done enough reading and asking around to know you are the most qualified nasal surgeon in Gainesville Georgia, but I am still doing my homework. What type of questions should I ask as I search for the right nasal specialist for me?"
Recent Question: "I live in North Georgia and am searching for a rhinoplasty specialist. I just assumed I needed to travel to Atlanta for my rhinoplasty needs. What can you tell me about your practice as it pertains to Rhinoplasty?"
Because of Suwanee residents' love for the outdoors, they look to Garlich Facial Plastics for their skincare needs--including wrinkle reduction and skin cancer reconstruction.
Garlich provides a full range of facial plastic surgeries, as well as med spa and skincare services. Below is a bit of information about nasal procedures--among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S and performed by Garlich Facial Plastics.
The fact that Lawrenceville promotes a balance of business and community is one of the many reasons Garlich Facial Plastics enjoys serving the area with all our facial aesthetic and skincare needs.
Garlich Facial Plastics serves clients well outside the immediate Gainesville area. Many clients come from areas south, like Braselton.
Many patients of Garlich Facial Plastics reside in the North Georgia area and can easily access Gainesville when they are in need of professional surgical procedures including facial, nasal, eye, and ear surgery. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Paul Garlich, our surgical procedures or more about our Med Spa services, please contact us.
Contact our office today if you are searching for a plastic surgeon in Flowery Branch or let us answer the questions you may have as it relates to facial cosmetic surgery. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
"A little over a year ago I had my eyelid surgery done. I must say it was the most pleasant operation I ever had."
Curious? Take a moment and read through the Q&As about eyelid surgery.
Do you and your friends talk about facial plastic surgery and not know any of the facts? Would you like to have the education and knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere?
Simply put, an injectable filler is used to get rid of folds and wrinkles in the cheeks and lower face.
Whether you are pitching yourself to a prospective new employer or prospective new client, looking and feeling your best is paramount to successful one-on-one business interactions.
All of this time being spent inside is a great opportunity to address some of the wrinkles and brown spots that were earned in the heat of the sun.
What is mineral makeup and why would I use it?
At Garlich Facial Plastics, we believe in the value of a good skin care regime.