Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves spraying tiny exfoliating crystals onto the skin. It is commonly used to treat mild facial problems such as age spots, brown spots and dull skin. This proceduMicrodermabraison New Apeel Systemre is unique because of its process. The changes are subtle, meaning when undergoing this a microdermabrasion treatment there is little to no risk of permanent skin color change or scarring. Because of this, we highly recommend microdermabrasion for all skin types and colors. There is also less down time associated with microdermabrasion. No surgery or anesthetics is required and the recovery period is less than 24 hours!

At Garlich Facial Plastic Surgery we have extensive experience performing microdermabrasion treatments. Our Medical Aesthetician, Diane Fountiain, can compile a custom treatment plan to correct your skincare concerns.

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