Fat Transfer

Not all changes from aging require facial lifting surgeries, such as a facelift. Some patients can develop fat volume loss in the face that creates unwanted depressions, folds or wrinkles. Many plastic surgeons make the mistake of performing lifting procedures which, do not correct the problem, thus putting the patients through an unneeded procedure. At Garlich Facial Plastics, we use the best and newest technique.

Volume replacement, using the patient's own body fat from their midsection, buttocks, and upper legs, is the best, most long-lasting alternative to an unneeded lifting procedure. Anyone who has been frustrated by trying to lose this same fat will tell you how resilient it can be to diet and exercise. As a result, when properly placed in the areas of volume loss in the face, the fat can last indefinitely.

Fat can be used to build up weakened cheek projection for those who have or have had descent of the soft tissue from that area. It can be used to fill in folds that have developed between the nose and the corners of the mouth, as well as the folds that have developed under the corners of the mouth. In some patients, it can even be used to plump up the lower lip.

Dr. Garlich can perform fat transfersin less than an hour with minimal discomfort in the day or two following the procedure. The patient is back to full activities within a couple of days with bruising and swelling lasting up to a week in both the donor and transfer sights. 

If interested in fat trasnfers or any of our other facial surgery procedures, please contact us here at Garlich Facial Plastics, to get started.